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 Black Triangular Craft and Highways

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PostSubject: Black Triangular Craft and Highways   Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:34 am

Interstate 435 surrounds Kansas City, Missouri, and its suburbs across the Missouri/Kansas state line in 81-miles of asphalt. Other than a few housing developments, the northwest stretch of the interstate that Laura Katz traveled on around 10 p.m. February 19, is quiet and dark. “It was cold and clear,” Katz said. “You could see the stars. Visibility was excellent.”

Which is how she saw the thing in the sky.

Katz was on the last half-hour of the long journey from her hometown of Council Bluffs, Iowa, to her apartment in Overland Park, Kansas, when she took the onramp onto the interstate at Platte City, Missouri, and entered this sparsely-populated area northwest of Kansas City. “I’d only been on 435 a couple of minutes and I see these things with lights,” she said. “I think, hmm, that’s weird.”

An elongated black triangle about the size of a commercial jet airliner flew toward her. A smaller one just to the south mirrored the flight path; a second smaller craft flew to the north. “To the right is another one right above the trees,” she said. “I mean right above the trees. There were no propellers, no wings, and they were flat. An airplane isn’t just flat like that.”

These three aircraft with strange lights approached the interstate with a trajectory that would lead them over Katz’s car toward nearby Kansas City International Airport. But, as the craft grew closer, Katz began to doubt if these were conventional airplanes. “I usually don’t see three airplanes that close together,” she said. “But I am by the airport so maybe they’re farther apart than what I think.”

Then she slowed and the lead craft, the largest of the three, slowly sailed over the top of her car. “It was triangle shape, almost like a Stealth Bomber shape,” she said.

But Katz has seen the B-2 Stealth Bomber, and this craft was not the B-2. “I slow down and look up at this thing,” she said. “This was not an airplane. I made sure it was not an airplane before I started freaking.”

Blue and red flickering lights lined the outside of the triangles; a big white light glowed from their middle. Katz got a good look; the craft were close. “We’re talking not very high off the interstate,” she said. “Just above the trees. Probably a couple hundred feet above the trees. I was moving faster than they were.”

One of the smaller ships wasn’t moving at all. It just hovered at the tree line.

Katz’s sighting isn’t uncommon for that area. An anonymous poster to the Mutual UFO Network website described seeing something similar at 10:05 p.m. on November 9, 2012, near Parkville, Missouri, about thirteen miles from the airport. “I saw a triangle-shaped object hovering low in the sky over Parkville, Missouri,” the witness wrote in the MUFON report. “The craft had a bright white light and smaller red and blue light all which flashed randomly.”

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Black Triangular Craft and Highways
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